The Secret Powers of Time

We're all familiar with the concept of time seemingly moving faster when we're having fun, and dragging when we're bored. Professor Philip Zimbardo explains in this artfully presented video that it's a lot more precise than that. Past-oriented vs. present or future-oriented personalities differ across many landscapes, and factors like religion, geography and culture greatly influence how individuals experience time.

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DarrenBaker: Family values are not suffering for you despite your lack of family dinners. However, I think he is implying that the decline in family dinners is the canary in the coal mine.
Much like video games, there are exceptional people how can avoid the negative side effects of video games, longer work hours, higher stress levels and a distributed family system. The reality is that most westerners suffer the negative side effects of these things.
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I was right up with him until the "videogames stunt emotional and social skills."

I have to call BS on that. Considering that orginizing your raids in World of warcraft isn't exactly an antiscocial thing now is it?

I get, sadly, most of my socialization from the internet and I'm relativley ok. I tendto cling to the social interaction I get offline, but that's because I realize that it's not quite the same.. :P
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Just talking last night w/friends and beer (*raises hand*... present hedonist)about how the 'future generation' of workers in the US seem to be ill equipped to deal with the reality of what a job in corporate America is. What are the chances of the US educational system being revamped in time to actually impact these kids completely enveloped and engrossed in technology?
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I've noticed that effect from waiting for repetitive flash games to reload long before I've seen this.

I'm 18, and I agree/relate with everything that was presented.
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"The Secret Powers of Time"

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