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what about video games? As a male I am OUTRAGED that all men in games are shown as huge, bulky masses of muscles on top of muscles. I cannot cope with life cause that's how media is telling me I have to look to be accepted by society.

It's either bulky masses of meat or neck-bearded fatties that live in their parents basement. Those are my only options as a man now... is sad
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Might as well list a bunch more spoilers for movies!!!!

Was going to go this weekend to see Black Swan with the wifey since it's hard for us to get out with the damned kids...guess I dont have to anymore now the ending has been revealed.
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Paul Reubens (PeeWee) recently did a week long peewees stage show in Los Angeles. Unfortunately I could not make it out there. He did this to see how much interest there was for another film. I believe he wants to do one for kids and one for adults. For those of you who do not know, it started out as a stage show and was picked up and turned into a kids show (with many hidden adult themes if you happen to watch it again)

if you want to see what his stage show was like you can get a hold of the HBO special they put out a couple years before PeeWees Playhouse came out. I really miss that show, was a top favorite of mine as a child. Now I get to watch them with my own children who also love them.
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Anyone know what camera he's using? Would like to get the same effect without the Digital Camera look. Hope he's not using a RED. Those are too expensive
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Bobo, you would be surprised how much 'art' is done that way now. I work for a video game company doing all sorts or 2D art. The computer has seriously stolen the talent of many artists. It IS another medium, but its so easy to take shortcuts now.

film matte paintings are done much the same way. take whatever photo stock you have and manipulate it to suite your scene.

It IsN'T easy though. you would think it was by the video, but it takes much time to properly size assets, change their hue, saturation, and even perspective so that it seems like one seamless picture.
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