The Raven

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Peruvian filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil made the short film The Raven on a budget of only $5,000. It is based on a treatment for a potential film trilogy. I won't give any details, just enjoy the effects! -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Wow, if this were real I would love to watch this in theaters. Seems much better than the typical cookie cutter hollywood crap that keeps coming out...
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And also, the guy in the walking tank thing had no problem with blowing away some random guy who shouted at him and posed no possible danger, but when the raven guy comes out, that same tank doesn't dare shoot at him - even though other units have clearly been trying to gun him down so it's not like there could have been any pressing need to catch him alive.
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Plot holes.

1. If this guy can perform telekinesis on this level, why go to the trouble and danger of throwing objects AT the droidy things, why not just throw the droidy things etc.

2. Assuming the droidy things are droids, are we to believe they can't, using a big ass fully automatic weapon, at close range, not even manage one hit.

3. If we say that the guy's powers also allow him to evade bullets, without watching them, why bother running.

Too much suspension of disbelief here. Fancy effects, well shot perhaps, but story silly.
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"The Raven"

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