How to Design a Book Cover in 2 minutes

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Cover designer Lauren Panepinto took a screecast while designing the jacket for an upcoming book by Gail Carriger. If you've ever wondered what goes into designing a book jacket, this video will give you a pretty good idea of the time and skill it takes!

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That's the thing, though, the finished product doesn't look seamless. I have a lot of respect for people that are good at photoshop, but she is not one of them.
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That clip doesn't show design, it shows execution.

Design is done in the head and is usually expressed with a pencil or pen on paper, as thumbnails, scribbles, whatever. Designs are ideas. The thinking leads to a series of thumbnails or scribbles, some branching off tangentially, others following a developmental thread until a concept which seems sound is arrived at. No computer has been used to this point. But the design now exists.

This is the point at which a computer may start to be useful, to render the idea either as a comp layout or finished illustration, fleshing out, crystallising and refining the idea which was first developed in the head with the aid of pencil and paper.

This clip does not show design at all.
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It also kind of sucks that authors have little or no power to decide what goes on the cover of their books, but they get all the blame if it's bad.
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Hiddnfox, I'm a 2D illustrator. I can use ink and paint and so forth, but I do most of my work in photoshop. It is not in any way easier to use than traditional media. It requires a whole new set of skills. I recently acquired painter 11 and for the life of me I just can not get used to it.

That said, I hate most book covers these days. They're all the same uncreative cut/pasted stock photos of women's shoulders and feet, maybe with a flower somewhere. They just look interchangeable.
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