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I've been to Club33. It's alright, a cool old elevator in it. But its not THAT great. you do get into the park for free though, all you have to do is buy one of their over priced meals.....which is still half the price of a ticket. So its totally worth it!
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Should that be Elephants 'Aren't' getting enough attention. Poor things, getting all painted up like that. Would probably get more attention if you dressed them up in some sexy elephant lingerie.
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Nothing like seeing the Carnival cruise commercials playing 'Lust for Life' a nice song about heroin as they show families playing together in the sun!

I would like to see some clash stuff. but hey! I could make a list a mile long!
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You can chalk up the gaming company I work for too! our investors were invested in by Lehman Brothers. We havn't been paid in over 7 weeks now and lat-off and people quitting happen every day. Company has gone from 250+ employees to less than half that in 6 mos. Scary stuff!
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A recent raid on one of Saddam's palaces discovered this new treasure! and also more proof that Saddam was trying everything in the book to make up for his lack of manhood.
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