Beyond Monopoly: The 15 Greatest Board Games Of All Time

People often blanche at the thought of playing a board game, but that's because they have only been exposed to the old "classics" that really aren't worthy of the title due to poor rulesets that promote luck over skill. Here are 15 games that are probably superior to the old standbys like Monopoly, including Last Night on Earth, a zombie thriller:

Last Night on Earth is essentially a survival game. Participants can play as either the "Hero" team or the "Zombie" team. The objective is for one team to complete their "scenario objective", thus defeating the opposite team. The game is designed to have a horror movie feel, and even comes with it's own soundtrack!


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by redsfaithful.

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To Drew: Considering the bulk of games on this list are party games, I'm not surprised they left of Diplomacy, a game known for ending friendships.
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As the owner of about 90 board/card games, I can say such a list is almost impossible to make (highly subjective). Oddly, I do not own some of the games on that list.

I would recommend if anyone is interested in trying to learn more about what is out there and building their own list.

I definitley agree with Pandemic and Settlers of Catan! And while I wouldn't put Agricola near the top, my husband would call it number 1 or 2.
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