Daughter Helps Dad Fight Cancer ... By Breastfeeding Him!

After her father Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer, Georgia Browne went on the Internet to research ways to help save him. That's where she got a brilliant though a bit unconventional idea to feed her dad breastmilk:

Georgia recalls. ‘I started researching on the internet immediately and found separate studies in America and Scandinavia both supporting the health benefits of breastmilk to cancer sufferers.

‘I watched the documentary and thought it was a really mad idea, if it was true,’ she says. 'I started looking on the net and found research suggesting breastmilk helps kill cancer cells.

‘Finding out I could help was amazing. I could play my small part in helping my dad do something positive for his illness. 'When I talked to him about it, he thought it was a great idea. He thought: “Why not?”’ [...]

With the family’s blessing, Georgia started expressing her milk for Tim straight away. She dropped the first batch round to her parents’ home in a freezer bag, which her mum popped in the freezer.

‘I thought he’d mix it into a milkshake like the man in the documentary, but when Mum defrosted it the next day, he simply poured it on his cornflakes with a splash of normal cow’s milk. He said it didn’t taste that different to cow’s milk, maybe just a bit sweeter if he didn’t get the mix right,’ Georgia says.

New Idea magazine has more: Link

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This is to Von skippy.
As a mother of a baby that has cancer. Infant leukemia to be exact... look it up on the internet. Babies do die from cancer sadly. Our little girl has been breastfed from day one.. and at 20 months is still breastfed.. she has done amazingly well and our oncologists puts a great deal of her wellbeing down to her being nursed. In 14 months of aggressive chemotherapy treatment she's had 7 bad days... thats better than average..
Perhaps you should think a bit before you make comments like the ine you did...
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If I can't extract it straight from the tap, I would like to buy some of this magic health milk. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that.

I sense another lucrative economic niche for women in the 3rd world.
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-if her dad quits moo juice,it might work:
"High consumption of dairy products was
associated with a 50 percent increased
risk of prostate cancer. "
Chan JM, Cancer Causes Control
1998 Dec;9(6):559-66
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