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Daughter Helps Dad Fight Cancer ... By Breastfeeding Him!

After her father Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer, Georgia Browne went on the Internet to research ways to help save him. That's where she got a brilliant though a bit unconventional idea to feed her dad breastmilk:

Georgia recalls. ‘I started researching on the internet immediately and found separate studies in America and Scandinavia both supporting the health benefits of breastmilk to cancer sufferers.

‘I watched the documentary and thought it was a really mad idea, if it was true,’ she says. 'I started looking on the net and found research suggesting breastmilk helps kill cancer cells.

‘Finding out I could help was amazing. I could play my small part in helping my dad do something positive for his illness. 'When I talked to him about it, he thought it was a great idea. He thought: “Why not?”’ [...]

With the family’s blessing, Georgia started expressing her milk for Tim straight away. She dropped the first batch round to her parents’ home in a freezer bag, which her mum popped in the freezer.

‘I thought he’d mix it into a milkshake like the man in the documentary, but when Mum defrosted it the next day, he simply poured it on his cornflakes with a splash of normal cow’s milk. He said it didn’t taste that different to cow’s milk, maybe just a bit sweeter if he didn’t get the mix right,’ Georgia says.

New Idea magazine has more: Link

First, I want to say that the title is misleading and obviously meant to shock us. I'm not very happy about that as even the implication of incestuous behavior turns my stomach. She isn't breastfeeding him, she's donating breast milk to him.

I'm fighting my initial response which is to be super grossed out. I shouldn't be, we drink cow breast milk after all. It's not that it's breast milk that freaks me out, it's that it's a daughter sharing it with her father and the image that it puts in your head. I think I'd be more comfortable with this if it was anonymous breast milk from a milk bank (which already exist for moms who never develop breast milk while pregnant). Either way, I think it's amazing if it actually work (both I and my mother have cancer) and I hope that the medical community is working hard to figure out WHAT in the breast milk is the key and how to replicate it.
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I think most "real" studies will show that it's only effective if it comes directly from the tap.

Cause ya know any medical research found on the web (especially from Scandinavia) must be true.

Why JAMA never seems to get around to publishing stuff that anyone can find on the web is just plain elitism.

Plus think of all the empirical evidence - how many baby's do you know of that die of cancer?
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Wow, there's just something very disturbing about this.
Just.. I dunno... bleh.
Baby drinking breastmilk= ok.... Father drinking his daughter's breastmilk= creepy as hell.
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It's sticky, it's sort of watery blue, but what the heck. My first reaction was "what the what" but desperate times call for desperate measures. Good luck to the family.
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What is with these headlines?
"Daughter Helps Dad Fight Cancer … By Breastfeeding Him!" FAIL
"Daughter helps dad fight cancer by donating breast milk" WIN
Although I guess no matter how much I pour my heart out here, Alex doesn't give a shit.
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Not that weird, I'd say. I dunno, that just doesn't shock or offend me one bit. I'm kinda curious about the legitimacy of that method of fighting cancer, but the act itself is not that shocking to me.
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Keeping abreast of the latest medical breakthroughs is of express interest, but perhaps they could have arranged a sort of tit-for-tat exchange with another mother.
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This article "sucks"! I really should do a better job in regards to keeping "abreast" of the latest medical findings. Guess there is no fault in a little "tit" for tat amongst relatives. Man I am punny this evening!
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Cancer can be frightening and people will go to drastic measures to fight it. The thing is, anyone can access all types of "clinical studies" on the web but they may not be able to judge whether it's a good study or not. Just because it was published by Dr So-and-So doesn't mean it's scientifically sound or that is wasn't sponsored by someone with a vested interest.

However, good luck to them! If he's not consuming it directly from the source then it's not too different from cow's milk is it?
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I'm of the opinion that she should be chilling rather than freezing it. Lord only knows what freezing does to the organic compounds in the milk that are probably the miracle juice this guy needs (if at all). Any chemistry/biology/biochemistry inclined people care to help?
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Panem and Circenses! I miss the time when my kids where babies and I would steal a little bit of milk right from the tap. Food AND entertainment ;)

@jermH: freezing is ok and it's validated by hospitals (in Mount Auburn hospital, Cambridge, MA at least).

@eni: you speak the truth.
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i don't think the breastmilk/cancer thing works mostly because of giving it to babies during a crucial time of their growing period. i mean, i understand desperate measures an all, but the really sad thing about this story is the level of undereduation which can create such an idea. embrios prosper on their mothers fluids, yet nobody sane would drink a pregnant womans blood to grow fuller hair...
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I don't like the title of the post. It is misleading and stupidly chosen.
The benefits of breast milk are obvious. That it can CURE cancer, I doubt. But I am very sure that it can help the intestine regain a certain stage of health. Good that it helped someone.
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So, if you were to write an article about me putting rash cream on my baby son's tender parts, Alex, you could come up with a headline like "Father Fondles Son's Genitals"! You are just SUPER at this headline thing! A great day for accuracy in news reporting!
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So drinking the milk from a completely different species is ok, but drinking milk from your own species is Gross? If anything drinking human breast milk is MORE natural.

You guys are weird.
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I've known two adults in my area who used expressed breastmilk as part of their cancer treatment. I don't know if they used a relative's breastmilk, or anonymous donors, but I don't see it as that strange at all. Treating cancer usually takes multiple drugs, treatments, and methods, most of which are targeted at poisoning and killing the unhealthy cells. Why not also boost the healthy ones, and give the body building blocks for growth? We see breasts as sexual objects in our culture, and surely that is one of their roles, but they are also functional, and in this case, may have helped save a life. It seems immature to me to overlook this because they are boooobies. Good luck to this family, and maybe this story will get enough OMGZ coverage to reach a few people that it will help.
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-if her dad quits moo juice,it might work:
"High consumption of dairy products was
associated with a 50 percent increased
risk of prostate cancer. "
Chan JM, Cancer Causes Control
1998 Dec;9(6):559-66
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If I can't extract it straight from the tap, I would like to buy some of this magic health milk. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that.

I sense another lucrative economic niche for women in the 3rd world.
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This is to Von skippy.
As a mother of a baby that has cancer. Infant leukemia to be exact... look it up on the internet. Babies do die from cancer sadly. Our little girl has been breastfed from day one.. and at 20 months is still breastfed.. she has done amazingly well and our oncologists puts a great deal of her wellbeing down to her being nursed. In 14 months of aggressive chemotherapy treatment she's had 7 bad days... thats better than average..
Perhaps you should think a bit before you make comments like the ine you did...
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