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I agree with Frau and Geekazoid. This had nothing to do with constipation. Both of my brother-in-laws have worked ER and said you wouldn't believe the stuff men stick up their butts! I have never heard of women doing this. It's a weird fetish of some kind and men make up the most unbelievable excuses/explanations when they get them stuck and have to have them removed. Geesh.
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Just to address a couple of points here: The 8 were frozen embryos from a previous in vitro fertilization. Apparently #1) she didn't want to waste them and #2) she wanted another girl. So she didn't have to pay for the full procedure, fertility drugs, egg retrieval, etc.

Also, apparently her mother told her she's not going to be there when she comes home with the octuplets, she's had enough. This woman is in some serious need of psychological help. I hope the doctor who implanted her is brought up on some kind of charges although there's probably nothing that s/he has done that's illegal. However, it is unethical and at the very least s/he should have their license to practice medicine revoked permanently.

BTW, the word "octuplet" isn't even in my spellcheck dictionary. What does that tell you?
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Mr. Odland looks very tense. So tense in fact I bet he can sh*t diamonds. That never makes for a good CEO. Unless you're the CEO of DeBeers of course.
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Eating live baby octopi is just cruel. They are very intelligent creatures and probably realize what is about to happen to them. They are trying to escape! Does PETA know about this?
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The real story here is that a girl named Savannah survived. Just what the world needs, another kid named Savannah. Just when I thought "Kaitlin" was the most over used "unique" name ever.

And to Anon.....getting ever bone in your face broken isn't really bad?
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