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And a belated Happy Canada Day to you, Craig!

I agree with those who said that he's a murderer. I would have wanted to do the same but as others said it wasn't his property and his life wasn't in danger. He took things too far. Granted this world needs less criminals though.
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No, because 2 is more than enough for a healthy person. I see no reason to Bogart extra kidneys when there are so many in need. Kudos to this young lady. I'd like to think we'd all do the same thing if we could.
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Gee, Kelly........apparently sarcasm is an idea that you're not familiar with. I hope YOU didn't get one of those licenses! HAHAHAHA

Juvenile humor on video = juvenile response. Get it now?
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So why don't they just space the urinals farther apart? Wouldn't that solve the homophobia issue of having another man look at your wee wee? (Oh, sorry it's "splashing, not homophobia. That's your story and you're sticking to it. Ha!) Or put urinals in stalls. Women don't go around pissing in front of each other, we have stalls. None of it makes sense. Then again, I'm a woman and logic such as this is lost on men, the uncivilized gender.
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I live in the Metro Detroit area and the city is just one big hell-hole run by ignorant, corrupt individuals. I never venture into the city for fear it will be my last. They should just napalm the place and start over. Start with Kwame the wanna-be thug mayor.
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Oh I think all that fur is really from that golden. Having owned and bred goldens for the last 20 years I have a little experience with their shedding. Dogs are social animals and are constantly trying to grow enough fur to make a new friend for themselves every day!
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Bridezilla! I wonder if she even knew (or cared) that her eventual husband was there? Just like my doesn't matter WHO you marry as long as you're MARRIED dammit! Some women think that being a married woman versus a single one gives her some sort of special status. Maybe in hell.
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I really appreciate the wide variety of fair trade coffees that they stock. TJ's can't be beat for quality for a fair price. I love their fat-free yogurt. Fat-free yogurt isn't the easiest to find without artificial sweeteners which I have trouble metabolizing. I think my favorite thing at TJ's is the red curry simmer sauce. It tastes exactly like the stuff they serve at a Thai place I like but theirs is about $14 per entree. I can make about 4 servings at home (I add chicken breast, green pepppers and basil to make it just like the restaurant version) for I'm sure less than half the price of one entree at the restaurant. That's what I call a deal! The challah is delicious too.
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