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Is anyone else bothered that this woman lets her cat out to wander the neighborhood? She sounds about as stupid as my mother who let's her tiny pitbulls, otherwise known as Jack Russel Terriers, out at night then complains when they maime wild creatures. She claims she always thinks they have to go to the bathroom. Geez, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice (a thousand times?) shame...... Ever heard of just keeping your cat inside (or in my mother's case, ever heard of a leash?)? I really hope that lady doesn't find a squished cat at the same spot one morning.
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"Originally, vibrators were invented as a shortcut for physicians, who up to that point had been stimulating women manually to release their hysteria."

Huh? Why did the doctors have to do this? Did they not relate orgasms to sex? Why was this (doctors getting women "off") considered o.k.? Were these hysterical women not married or were their husbands just incompetent? Had no one ever heard of self pleasure? I really don't understand this.
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You do have a good point but there is a big difference between being allergic and being intollerant or sensative to something. Allergies are life threatening histamine responses. Sensativities and intolerancies are annoying and uncomfortable to one degree or another. When I was a kid I rarely ran into someone who was "allergic" to anything. Now it seems that everywhere I turn people are not only allergic but allergic to a multitude of things. I have only 2 words for this phenomenon.

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I agree with #3 and #6. Either modern medicine is promoting the survival of the least fit or it's parents who desperately need their child to be special in some way. I have a friend who has two children and both are allergic to peanuts as well as almost all common foods......but only when their parents are present. We all play along though (Maybe we shouldn't?) Things that make ya go Hmmmmmmm........
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