Octuplets' Mom Obsessed with Having Babies

We posted about the surprising news that the octuplets' mother already having 6 children. Today, more disturbing details are emerging about the woman:

The woman who gave birth to octuplets this week conceived all 14 of her children through in vitro fertilization, is not married and has been obsessed with having children since she was a teenager, her mother said. [...]

Little psychological research has been conducted on the reasons some mothers seem hooked on repeated pregnancies. David Diamond, a co-director for the Center for Reproductive Psychology in San Diego, said mothers can be drawn to repeat pregnancies for a number of reasons, with some finding the experience so satisfying they choose to become surrogates.

Diane G. Sanford, a psychologist and author specializing in women's reproductive mental health, said while she doesn't know much about Nadya Suleman's background, women that have obsessive-compulsive disorder can become fixated on different obsessions.

"Her obsession centers around children, having children and being a mother," she said. "To what degree are her esteem and identity based on being a mom and why has this from a young age been such a preoccupation of hers?"


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It seems people are willing to watch (and pay for) such lousy "entertainment" yet many people despise this woman because she wants to get paid well for her story so that she can properly take care of these kids. Why isn't anyone challenging the medical community and forcing more stringent checklists for those people who would do the same as she has done?
Pay the woman for her story already!
Let's get to the nitty gritty.
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This woman sounds like a professional scam artist. She's popping out 14 children and doing IVF cycles during the ten years that she says that she's completely disabled and can't work.

It's people like this who mess up the system so that the truly disabled have a hard time getting benefits when they really need it.
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I have an IVF baby...a wonderful baby girl. I have done lots of research on this topic. The majority of IVF clinics will not go past the recommended guidelines. IVF is a controlled procedure. The doctor puts in 1 or 2 embryos for women under 35, and women over 35 the doctor puts in 2 or 3.

This octuplet mom gives the insurance companies fighting ammo. The insurance companies say if they were to pay for this procedure every woman would be having 6 or more babies. This is why the insurance companies pay nothing for the procedure. Those people that want to have a baby...have to refinance their homes-to get the $15000 + $5000 for the fertility drugs.

I think the octuplet mom got her money by donating eggs. I have a guess on who the doctor was...maybe a doctor at the fertility clinic she worked at...since she got the sperm from someone she worked with at the clinic. Why not the doctor?

I just hope the media...thinks about what they are doing, before they start paying out millions for her story. I hope she can give these babies all the love they need and still provide enough love for the other six. How does someone with a degree in child development intentionally give a child no father to love them?
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wow! something is wrong with this picture...Her own mother says she has mental health issues, no job...the doctors who did this should be accountable, 14 children under 7? single parent? These kids may be doing well & I wish nothing but good health for them but reality is many years & many medical bills are to come..she should be stopped...come on..who in their right mind would do this? 14 children with fertility treatments?????? Like the Dr in Europe said..Americans are very irresponsible with this kind of technology. I feel sorry for all thse kids,,, mom's a nut job
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I do have compassion for those poor children, but this chick needs to get locked up and sterilized before she can have any more kids. She can't afford them, and wants $2million for an interview. Kiss my grits lady.

I'm one half of a childless couple, and it breaks my heart that she's abusing those children because she has to satisfy some sick endless need for more children. There's no way those kids are going to get the love and attention they need and deserve. There needs to be better regulations set in order for women to get fertility treatments. I have seen too many women abuse these privileges for their own selfish reasons. Why wasn't 6 children enough? Take care of the ones you have. She probably sees children like puppies - cute at first, but then they grow up.

I hope nobody gives into her demands. Whomever gives her the $2mil are in for a big sh-tstorm from the public. Nobody should be rewarded for being irresponsible, especially when children are involved.
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