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As an ESL teacher, my Arabic-speaking students have always had a heck of a time with vowels so this makes a lot of sense to me. I can just remember those poor guys trying to stumble around words like "bear" "beer" "beard" and "bread."

@ Kaviani: I'm a native-English speaker and found Japanese to be relatively easy. I've also heard that it is one of the easiest languages to learn for foreign speakers.
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Ditto to what Kristin C said on the "Weirdo Hippie Guy." In my experience, hippies are actually pretty few and far between at conventions.
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Only one in ten thousand are black? I guess no one told the squirrels in Vancouver, because I'm pretty sure most of them are black. We have a ton of them here on the island too.
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I thought they were all pretty forced or exaggerated. She must be a stage actress.

I'm Canadian and the only time I've heard a Canadian accent like that is when there's a Canadian character on the Simpsons.
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I'm surprised everyone likes the astronaut so much; honestly I don't want one of my favourite websites represented the way nearly everything else is: by a white male. So I vote bear because bears are awesome.
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