The Happiness of the Katakuris

We had a "Come out and say hello" post a few days ago - in it, I asked Neatorama's "lurkers" to introduce themselves. To my delight, a lot of you did (and if you haven't, you still can).

It was fun to read everyone's comments (yes, I do read every comment though unfortunately there's not enough time to respond to every single one). There was one particular comment that needs investigatin'. Neatorama reader takhys wrote:

If you liked ‘Wild Zero’ and want to know about other Japanese zombie movies with good dance numbers, I’d be the gal to ask. (*psst* The answer is Takashi Miike’s comedy/horror flick ‘Katakuri-ke no kôfuku’, otherwise known as ‘Happiness of the Katakuris’.)

A zombie musical? So naturally, I have to check it out, and thanks to YouTube, we have a clip of a scene from the movie titled the Zombie Song.

(Warning: some graphic images of zombies)

Oh, and here's the basic plotline of the cult classic from Wikipedia:

The Katakuris are a four-generation family of failures (grandfather, father and mother, children and granddaughter, who narrates the film) who use the father's redundancy pay to buy a guest house in the country. Somehow, each of their guests ends up dead—by suicide, accident or murder—and once they have made the decision to save their business by burying the bodies and concealing the deaths, they find themselves sucked into a nightmare of lies and fear (not helped by the arrival of the daughter's con-man boyfriend, an escaped murderer with police in hot pursuit, and an erupting volcano).

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks takhys and sorry to hear about your friend

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there's a zombie musical number in the movie "dead & breakfast" as well. it's not bad for a low-budget zombie flick. it's actually pretty funny at times.
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This is an incredibly wonderous movie--one of my favorites. Just don't turn it off, it gets better and better (and weirder and weirder). I've heard good things about The Quiet Family too.
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My best friend and I have a tradition of watching cracked musical together (Velvet Goldmine, Rocky Horror, Reefer Madness, etc). This is going on the list.
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