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That honestly looks like a scene out of a sci-fi/horror/fantasy movie.

A swarm of small fish gathers, and a huge, monstrous fish emerges from it to consume all.
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This article should include the Kodak logo. Its history is interesting, and the logo went through a (kinda lame) change a few years back too.
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Regarding the voice actor, I greatly preferred Mario when he was mute. The voice makes him sound WAY too cheerful to be appropriate.
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I still find it incredible that the original intention was to disassemble it after the World's Fair.

Also, if France sucks, America blows.
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I've always thought the common use of the word "electrocution" for getting zapped was somewhat funny. It was a made-up word, a combination of "electro" and "execution", used to hype the dangers of AC power.

Most of the time when people get "electrocuted", they aren't being "executed".
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I have no doubt that squirrel is fine.

I've seen them fall off of roofs and out of trees, and scamper right back up a tree with no problem. Small critters that leap around from tree to tree are kinda designed to take that sort of impact with the ground.
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They didn't used to.

My bank's old IBM ATMs ran OS/2, which was rock solid. Now they have Diebold ATMs running some flavour of Windows.

I haven't seen them crash yet, but I will not be surprised when they do.
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Weakly: "I still have no idea which is which."



Look at enough of each, and you'll be able to tell very easily. (Art Deco has never pleased me that much, really.)
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