People with High IQs

You may have guessed that Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking have high IQs, but some of these may surprise you. This post gives some background on IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and has a list of people alive today with high IQs and estimated IQs of people from history. Link ~via the Presurfer

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I've always been fond of Shakespeare's "Where ignorance is bliss, t'is folly to be wise."

Too much time cohorting in the shallow end has left the grey muscle atrophied.

A mere 121. Alas, t'would be far better the fool and not know the diff.
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Von Skippy, I wish being smart was not a bad thing. But I know from experience that men can be quite intimidated by a woman they perceive as smarter than they are. And a perception of intelligence sets up some high expectations. The dolphins had the right idea.

As far as income goes, I don't mind that different jobs pay different scales. But its awkward to find out that a guy doing the same job with less seniority, less talent, and fewer responsibilities is making way more money.
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These days, due to error in the measurement, it is more accurate for the psychologist or psychiatrist(the only people qualified to administer true IQ tests, which go for about 3 hours +) to give the client a range rather than an actual score. E.g. "Your IQ lies between the superior and very superior range", rather than "Your IQ score is 128" - when it may actually be 111. The calculations involved in interpreting IQ raw scores are verrryy complicated.
Also, as Syd mentioned, it is IMPOSSIBLE to estimate a post mortem IQ. Besides, the population is constantly getting smarter and increasing in IQ, SO every 14-15 years or so, psychologists adjust for this be raising the bell curve, so that the average will still be 100. Are they taking this into account in post-mortem estimates?
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