Cooking hot dogs via electrocution.

Hot dogs are a traditional part of Fourth of July celebrations. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories explains how to cook your weiners in a thoroughly unsafe way. Or you could just read about it.
While we could give you lots of warnings about all the different dangers involved and how to possibly skirt them, the simple truth is that this just isn't safe. If you are foolish enough to attempt this, you will have to deal with pointy things, raw electricity out of the wall, hot steam, and the possibility of fire. If that isn't enough, and you succeed, you are still faced with the possibility of having to eat a hot dog. In summary: do not, under any circumstances, cook hot dogs this way.


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I've always thought the common use of the word "electrocution" for getting zapped was somewhat funny. It was a made-up word, a combination of "electro" and "execution", used to hype the dangers of AC power.

Most of the time when people get "electrocuted", they aren't being "executed".
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heheheheh Sid!
Easy on the tube steak buddy, I almost fell out of my chair!
And you're right. I had several of these when I was young, and still have my Tatos' (Italian grandfather) version from, I think, but am not sure, the 30s. This one screws into a light socket as a lot of electrical outlets of the time were not yet standardized.
Thanks Miss Celly, yer a babe BTW, and a half hearted thanks to Sid for helping the both of us tell how old we be gettin. :P
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You used to be able to buy commercial gizmos which cooked the hotdogs using the same electrocution principle.

Man, I love tube-steaks! You gotta char the hell out of them on the grill though.
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