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If you are an American, you know that when you see the name John Doe, it means someone whose name is not known. You also know that John Q. Public is a generic name for anyone and everyone. What about other countries? In Belgium, you might read about Jean Dupont, which won’t be his real name. In Finland, Matti Meikäläinen is not a real person; it means “generic male”. NationMaster has a list of generic names informally used for unnamed persons in many countries. -via Dump Trumpet

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When 'Casino Royale' was first published, the name James Bond was thought to be sufficiently bland as John Smith. I know a James Bond and his life has been a living hell from all the puns, jokes, and ribbing he's had to take.
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In Australia, 'Joe Blow' and 'Joe Bloggs' are common vernacular, 'John Citizen' is used in advertising and such (say on a pic of credit card, etc), but I've never heard of the others listed.
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In Holland the name for the working class Joe Public is: 'Jan met de pet' = 'John with the cap'. Working class men always wore caps in the olden days.
Joe Schmoe = Jan Lul (meaning: John Penis) Also known as: 'Jan met de korte achternaam' (meaning: John with the short surname)
Joe Public is also called 'Jan Publiek' sometimes.
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