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Branch out, man. Something that's not on adult swim perhaps? At least no one favorite'd Boondocks. That show's barf.

Charlie and Lola (great for kids, fun for adults and always extremely very clever), Mr Meaty (almost cartoon. it's puppets), Venture Bros. (say n' more), Bleach (fckin rocks).

Oh yeah, Family Guy = teh suck1!
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I'd want to be the first horse. I wouldn't want to be behind the other horses. I'd get there first. Relax for a minute. Then eat hay from number three's cart. Or maybe I'd get some oats since I'm now presumably at the end of my journey. Plus, if I was #2 or #3 I'd probably be getting my ass whipped for eating from the other's carts.

Or...being the first horse you may have to take directions from the driver which may mean more whippings. The other two just get to follow the first.

Also, I think the load issue might not have too great an impact. As long as the hay isn't baled it should be relatively light...for a horse.

But what do I know. I'm a human.
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Nice mystic. So anxious to prove his faith that he'd actually kill someone if he could.

I hope at the least he'd be put in prison if it had worked.
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I have to want to "hit it" for her to be a woman? That's rich. Explain why I feel like hitting you right now then.

heh. kidding. couldn't resist.
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I totally agree. I was hoping for lines that stood alone, as a great first line can do, though some are truly great on their own.

I wish I could read more and faster.
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@ someguy "I can surgically alter a dog to look like a pig, but in the end, it’s still a dog."

A. No you can't.

B. And if you could it would be a much happier dog - providing it was the dog's choice to live as a pig.

C. Analogies are stupid and a total waste. One thing is never like another. Ever. And in this case simply not even close enough to bother with.
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