Tails of Chase

Chase is a cat with no face. She was in an accident that left her without a nose, cheek skin, or eyelids. She also lost one leg.
I was in an accident when I was 4 wks, I became disfigured. I have a Furry Will to survive and I am completely healed now at age 3. I require medication during the day to keep my eyes moist. I will always look different but I am in NO PAIN! I have seen 10 vets and they can attest to that! I'm a happy kitty and hope to help other humans (especially those disfigured) thru my work as a therapy cat feel just as great about themselves and realize that not everyone looks perfect and that is OK.

Now Chase has her own blog called Daily Tails of Chase. Some images may be disturbing to the sensitive. Link to story. Link to blog. -via Arbroath

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Heartbreaking story. The cats still takes medication, so it's not living a completely "normal" cat life.

Admirable that they're taking care of it, but you have to wonder why they saved it during the period after the accident.

As for being a therapy cat, that's kinda twisted. "Sorry you're hideously ugly, but here's a cat that's uglier, and he's fine."

I'm not against the blog - unless they start debating the merits of Fox News.
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I think it's cool that she's a therapy cat for people with disfiguring disabilities. I found her a little hard to get used to looking at, but found it a heartwarming story. But I'm a bit biased as I love cats. *shrug*
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I appreciated this story. And I'm with those who think if you don't like a certain story, skip it. Lots of days there's one story out of several that doesn't interest me, so I skim it and move on. How hard is that?
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