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Not rocket science,maybe. But I defy anyone to make the kicking the can shot. Even w/ repetition. Sheesh. Some people will believe anything as long as it's presented prettily enough.

Wally here sounds like he's at least barking up the right tree.

And where has this been seen before? I missed it.
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Wish I could substantiate it but most of the long shots look extremely wrong. Something about the garbage can openings and the way the cans fly. Just looks out of whack. Like when you see someone pretending to drink something on tv and it's obvious there's nothing in the glass. Or when it's an obviously empty suitcase they're carrying. Can I prove it? No. But if it's between me and these guys at the pearly gates...I wasn't the guy perpetrating the can tossing fraud in France in '07. My conscience is clean.
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Seriously, if they took the money from this project and just had a police presence every once in a while giving out tickets to violators at these intersections they'd save money, lives, and make a more effective statement.

It's fine to take it lightly, but a cop showing up even every now and again gets the message across pretty quick "don't cruise through this stop sign". And if that doesn't quite work the cost of the ticket for a moving violation as well as the added points to your insurance will speak volumes.
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This is sad. It's really old. They just added logos to an old internet viral thingy - that probably came from a magazine or gag book. What would be nice is if someone re-compiled these with the "actual" ads they are discussing.
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