Nissan commercial angers Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has threatened a boycott of Nissan after the car company aired the following commercial on Israeli TV.

The new campaign by Renault-Nissan caused an uproar in the Gulf when it showed a group of Saudi oil barons screaming and attacking the Renault-Nissan vehicle.

The Saudis are shown leaving a hotel and encountering the new, fuel-efficient vehicle. One man pounds his fists on the car and is then held back by his companions as he shouts at it, “Hawks should peck at you day and night.”

At the end of the commercial, the voice-over says, “It’s clear the oil companies won’t like you.”

“It’s my opinion that Nissan made a huge error by igniting these [racist] instincts,” official Hani al-Wafa told MBC TV, a Saudi-run station headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “We need to apply punishments… against these things. In order for Nissan to keep its interests in the region, it must apologize.”

As seen on JapanProbe

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i suppose all the soft drink commercials showing black people playing basketball are racist too.

It was a funny commercial. The mistake we make is to ask those people their opinions on things. They are so sensitive yet cut peoples hands off for shoplifting.
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"if they were to make commercials of Americans being stupid, fat, ignorant, hamburger eating couch potatoes..."

we probably wouldn't do anything about it, since at the end of the day most of us are ignorant, fat, stupid couch potatoes. Sorry. I calls 'em like I sees 'em.
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