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Okay I didn't see this, but I did see MC Hammer - THE MC Hammer perform with Vanilla Ice a few nights ago. Their first show together in 18 years (and their last). Good times were had by all, and the event organizers even convinced them to play their old tunes!
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I also concur. The promise of free content and a site that can be run in a more hand off manner is indeed attractive to a site owner, but it is the 'net equivalent of "selling out."

I still read Neatorama, but as I see it it is only a matter of time before I unsubscribe.
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"...but she was quite a beautiful woman in her younger years, and Washington loved her deeply..."

The implication being Washington would not have loved her if she was not beautiful and he would not have loved the old withered frumpy version.

Amazing how a 21st century view of beauty is actually "closer" to how she originally looked!
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Very cool stuff - you can also track tagged animals and "swim along" with them on their travels.

I noticed that if you zoom into just above the water level that it is animated and looks really cool! Also, around the coastlines the ocean floor is blended with actual imagery, resulting in some spots where you can find underwater clouds.
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Don't have a job, can't get one. Unemployment is already about up.

I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but I've heard a few people say that this is planned. The bailouts and bonuses are just squeezing the last wealth available from the dollar and pretty soon we'll have to be bailed out by a north american union with a new currency.

Like I said, I'm not much for conspiracy theories - but I do find it interesting how quickly the higher ups are grabbing up wealth while the rest of us are about to run out of food.
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This is what we could have if we could only embrace technology. Cars that run for one hundred years without the need for refueling. Terrorists would have no interest in blowing us up anymore because we wouldn't be so involved in the middle east.

Unfortunately we'd rather spend our time figuring out new ways of killing each other in an effort to clutch to our century old infernal combustion technology which causes more problems on this earth that it seems to solve.

And for those who said that storing radioactive material is too dangerous, youtube "nuclear waste container tests." They ram rocket powered trains into nuclear waste containers to see if they can break them or cause a hazard.

Anyway, the problems with the technology are small compared to the benefits. If we spent half our defense budget on technology we wouldn't NEED a defense budget.
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Hi, I'm from PETP - People for the ethical treatment of People. I don't really care about this video, but I do care about any video that you've posted involving pranks, tricks, hidden cameras, etc. on People. these cause undue stress. We live in a happy, shiny world where no animal should ever have to feel stress, ever, ever. Especially humans.

I'm going to tell 10 friends about Neatorama to counteract all the over-reactors out there.

Also, there is REAL animal cruelty out there that you should go get angry about.
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