Space cat in zero gravity

For security reasons, we must remain circumspect about exactly how this video got to Neatorama headquarters from outer-space. It's footage of an act almost as heinous and terrifying as cat juggling. This time, it's a cat in zero gravity.

Note that the audio has been removed to protect the innocent.



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==wont take your money today, but lookout tomorrow. I send it back, see if I get me money back?
I know, shoulda , woulda, coulda
just didnt
dont'love it
dont want it
please dont stick me with it
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Arfi21 and Yve, thanks for reminding me why I stopped visiting Neatorama in the first place.

Cruelty is a continuum. So is stupidity. People are capable of great cruelty, or the lesser kind - mean, spiteful little things that don't take into acount the comfort of any living being but themselves.

To place an animal in a situation it can't possibly comprehend will certainly cause it unnecessary distress. To do so from a general attitude of "What if we tried this?" is cruel - and stupid.

"Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to." --Mark Twain
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@ Scotchdrnkr ITA with your comment,

"I have to admit the first toss looked a little to hard. But chances are the guy doing it wasn’t all that experienced with zero G either the second one was much softer."

that makes perfect sense. especially since he does do the second toss much more softly. i seriously doubt that this was all a set up to torment the cat. i think one of my dogs would really enjoy it. i would let her give it a try because she loves new adventures. who knows, maybe they thought the cat might enjoy it.

as many others have said - this is not true abuse. look up 'animal abuse' and this will look like a day in the park. fight real fights - there are plenty out there without building one out of a mildly annoyed cat.
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Furious about this video? Maybe a lot of you should think about the torture, agony and death that takes place among animals a million times daily in order to feed the meat, egg and dairy industries that I'm sure many of you support and consume daily.

As for those of you who claim they will not return to Neatorama after seeing this post-- Neatorama features articles which are hard to look at sometimes, not because it promotes things like cats in zero gravity, but because it is a great site with an eclectic range of really really damn interesting pieces of information. It's not called "daisies, kittens, and smilinglaughter-orama," it's called NEATorama, and it exposes you to neat things you would never normally see.

It's probably good you're leaving if you're not going to understand this website.
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