Micro Maniac

See what happens to various foods and a variety of other materials when you microwave them for as long as it takes to destroy them. The videos are sped up, with timers to let you know how long it takes. The Christmas lights were pretty, the eggs were a real show, and I don't know what kind of "foam" they used, but it sure acted weirdly! Link -Thanks, GA!

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The best were the Christmas lights, ketchup packets, foam and soap. (The crayons were kind of cool too.)

Biggest disappointment: the pineapple.

I was expecting some kind of major-league explosion, and...nothing.
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My beloved wife - a foreigner who didn't grow up with electricity, let alone microwaves - once cooked an egg in our microwave. It ended up exploding, of course, almost as loud as an M-80.

Now that the ancestral village has electricity, we bought a microwave for our house there. One of the first things I did with it was show my brothers-in-law and nieces how to nuke compact disks.

Modern technology can be fun!
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