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He seems to be saying." Hi there hairless one. I know, you can't help but to stare at my monkey penis. There it is, don't be afraid. It is perfectly natural to look. We're all primates here, relax. Have a drink."
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Yikes, BB, I'm so sorry to hear. Hope you're well now. I've witnessed heart valve replacement surgery at Penn, and the patient was out of the bed the next day. The DaVinci is only as good as the surgeon behind the machine.

It also seems that people use it for the sake of using it. It's a good marketing hook. There was a study not too long ago that showed that using DaVinci for prostate surgery was no better than conventional surgery (just more expensive).
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That's neat, and all, but it has been around for a decade. I'm in Philly, where Jefferson and Penn were among the first to get one, but even the community hospitals have them now.
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More science fiction hate from the film historian. That's always disappointing, like the literary critics who deny "Brave New World" or "1984" are science fiction because they are literature.
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I used to work at A.I. DuPont de Nemours Hospital for Children, which is on the grounds of the mansion. Old Al was kicked out of the family business and went on to make two fortunes (he lost the first one and the second one was based on the timber industry and railroads in Florida). Rumor has it that the reason the mansion is surrounded by a huge wall topped with glass is that he wanted to spite the family. (He claimed it was a style he saw in France and liked, which makes sense considering the whole mansion and grounds are modeled after Versailles.) Of course, local rumor also had it that the hospital, in its early days, was a home for mutant inbred DuPonts.

Al is buried in the giant carillon on the property, along with his wife, two dobermans and his accountant. They weren't killed to serve him in the afterlife, as far as we know.

He built the hospital in Wilmington (the foundation opened another one in Jacksonville) for the care of sick children (but, as the language of the trust said, not "incurables").
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I've been on record from, at least, the 90s wanting to be made into a garden gnome when I die. Ashes mixed in with concrete, that sort of thing. I'm holding my wife to it...
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hrb, you leave the cart at the service desk and step out for a few moments. What's so hard about that? You might be embarrassed, but so what?

I'm not saying that you should do it the first moment your kid cries -- all kids cry at one time or another. But if the kid is throwing a serious tantrum with no end in sight, then you take them outside.

You should also know your own kid well enough to know when a breakdown is coming. If so, postpone your trip or buy them a freaking Popsicle or something.

Of course, other human beings should realize that some people don't have the luxury of time or babysitters.

Either way, I would have beaten the life out of anyone who slapped my kid.
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Parents have a responsibility to take their kids out of the store if said kids are having a breakdown.

Every so often, a kid will breakdown. It happens. Mostly its temporary. If the kid doesn't stop, go to the car, settle down, come back if possible when the kid's manageable. I have two kids under the age of five, so it happens from time to time. Someone needs a nap, wants a toy, what have you.

It can be annoying, but it often passes. Parents should manage their kids, sure, but stable people ought to ignore it and just be glad it isn't their kids.

If this guy had so much as raised a hand, I would have broken his wrist with his own severed foot. My petite wife would have climbed his back and rammed her thumbs in his eyes before ripping out his heart and devouring it whole and warm.

You don't hit kids. Not your own and especially not a stranger's.
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