The Original Names of Celebrities

Cary Grant was originally Archibald Leach and Elvis Costello was originally Declan MacManus, but both changed their names for obvious reasons. Michael Keaton was originally Michael Douglas and was forced to change his name since the latter was already a popular actor.

Of course, tons of celebrities change their names, but here's fifteen interesting stories (including one about a comedian born 'Albert Einstein') of celebrities who have changed their names for one reason or another.

Funny, I always thought Whoopi Goldberg's original name was Yahoo Rosenblatt.

We have to agree: Caryn Johnson just isn’t as catchy as Whoopi Goldberg. The actress decided to give up her birth name when she started acting, and instead chose to go by her nickname, “Whoopee Cushion” (we’ll let you imagine how she got that name). Her mother convinced her to change her last name to something more conventional, and suggested Goldberg. - via mentalfloss

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I heard a strange story about Cary Grant before he became an actor. He was ice skating, fell and knocked out a front tooth. He didn't want to tell his dad because it would be expensive to fix. Eventually the remaining front tooth migrated to fill in the gap. Don't know if this is true or not as I haven't been able to find any pictures of him smiling with his pearly whites.
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If you pay close attention to Cary Grant's movie His Gal Friday, he ad libs a line about the last person to threaten him was Archie Leach "and he cut his own throat a week later".
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