In the DVD rental realm, there thrives a species of movies known as mockbusters.  Their genetic makeup is comprised of similar themes, elements and stories from the far superior blockbusters that dominate the industry.  Production companies like The Asylum create these clones, possibly in the hopes of tricking the consumer, but most likely just to cash in on the success of mainstream money machines.

Oddee has compiled a list of the Ten Lamest Mockbusters (three of which feature C. Thomas Howell), such as The Da Vinci Treasure, above.  See the whole list, but please don't feed the mockbusters.

Link (Image credits: Left: The Asylum Right: Sony Pictures)

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Oh! i saw many like these at wal-mart!
umm.. what were they called? Mummies Tomb or curse? *the mummie* and Merlin's aprentice? *harry potter. there were many others.
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Johnny Cat: Judd's in it for about 2 minutes - it's essentially a cameo appearance. That being said, the movie is about on par with the one starring Keanu. In fact, some of it makes more sense than Keanu's. But the original beats them both.

By the way, thanks for the link, MovieKid!
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