Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" Has Now Been Fully Restored

Shortly after Metropolis was released in 1927 it was acquired by Paramount Pictures, which drastically edited the film, cutting an hour of footage.  For eighty years efforts have been made to locate the deleted scenes; in 2001 a partially reconstructed version was exhibited to the public.   In 2008 an even more complete version was located in Argentina.  Except for a few frames, the Argentinian version appears to be complete, and film critics viewing it believe it offers new insights into the original film.
For example, the “Thin Man,” who in the standard version appears to be a glorified butler to the city’s all-powerful founder, turns out instead to be a much more sinister figure, a combination of spy and detective. The founder’s personal assistant, who is fired in an early scene, also plays a greater role, helping the founder’s idealistic son navigate his way through the proletarian underworld.

The cumulative result is a version of “Metropolis” whose tone and focus have been changed. “It’s no longer a science-fiction film,” said Martin Koerber, a German film archivist and historian who supervised the latest restoration and the earlier one in 2001. “The balance of the story has been given back. It’s now a film that encompasses many genres, an epic about conflicts that are ages old. The science-fiction disguise is now very, very thin.”

Screening of the new version will begin this week in New York, and then in selected theaters around this country and in the UK and Ireland, followed in November by the release of a DVD.

Link.  Photo credit Kino International.

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Last thursday at the BFI the newly restored movie reminde me of several movies it has influenced such as The Bride of Frankenstein, Blade Runner, and Dark City. It's importance to later films is quite clear and all things considered I rate it one of the best films I've ever seen.
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xadrian, don't feel bad. It was a boring movie, and adding scenes to it won't make it any less boring.

And what's with the "It's not Science Fiction" crap? Science fiction as a genre covered all that stuff before. Somebody thinks they're in an ivory tower.
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I'm going to be lambasted for this but my brain wasn't able to find the fascination over this film. I understand it did things before anyone else did, but that didn't stop me from being bored to death watching it.


I know I'm simple. I felt like I was looking at a piece of surrealist art and asked to appreciate it not on the merits of the piece itself but on the basis of what everyone else at the time was painting.
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