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I think it's more fair to give the credit for the idea where it appears to be due...the poster on Craftster whose tutorial this person followed and the friend who inspired them to make it (both of whose work is linked in the article but not in the neatorama post). It's only fair to attribute the originators.(There are a multitude of this type of purse on Craftster)

I love the idea that it's a Weird Sisters record! It's a gorgeous version of this type of purse...if only I had old vinyl records!
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What on earth about this is neat? It can't be the thermite, there's more impressive videos on youtube on that.... Do you really find accents different from your own that amusing?
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I'm a huge fan of the project. My question is whether you see Postsecret as something that is going to run forever or not. It's not only a fascinating art project but seems almost like an outreach to so many people, many of the secrets have been about people who have contemplated suicide and changed their minds about it. In the future will you continue to accept submissions? Continue to put the message out there?
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Wonderful, love it. for those that don't "get it" it's not always about content, sometimes it's just about form. Makes me think of Serrano's photographs from the 90s where he creates the most stunningly beautiful images from disgusting or distasteful materials. Definitely one to watch in my opinion.
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animation is unfortunately a very commercial medium. In order to get your work made on a professional level it has to be something that parents would want to show their kids. As this is a student film, students want something that will look good on their showreel. Simple stories with simple plots work well for this because you can focus entirely on the animation rather than the plot. It's hard to subvert expectations in a three minute film script. There are other much darker films from that year (one about suicide as I recall). But this is the best from that year's films.
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OMG! This was made by people at my college! And I saw it at the premiere film night thing! :o Love this one, really nicely done and all :D One of my favourite 3d pieces from the last few years of student work.
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It's worth 400 pounds for designer shoes. They're much better made and well fitting designer shoes do NOT hurt your feet. It's the cheap shoes that give you blisters. I also think it's ridiculous how much hostility there seems to be over someone using their money to buy something that makes them happy. It's their money, they can do whatever they want with it.
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Used to love TBK but it's just been so long...a pity, it's one of the few web comics with really nice artwork. It's SMBC for me these days (for the comics anyway, still in a lurch for one with good art too!)
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@ JimRL and don't forget that locals usually assume that Irish tourists are also British...and only the polite ones probably bother to correct them! Seems to happen a lot when I'm abroad.
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