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Wow thanks Oscar. Apparently being irritated by people stating the obvious and pointing out that I was aware of the obvious necessitates your jumping to their defence (?!) AND personal insults. The fact that a post online could rile you up so much speaks more about you than me.
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of course dizzy, it's those shameful women leading the poor innocent men astray. We must all begin to publicly judge and slut-shame her.

(because i know some idiot will take me seriously, i'm being sarcastic, this is not neat but incredibly sad)
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I think the spider catcher thing with the bristles is the best one considering it's so cheap. Played with the demo model in my old job (it comes with a plastic spider to practise on!) and it's so easy to use :P
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@Suzie, supply and demand I'm afraid. a living artist might start churning out hundreds of the same piece, making yours worth less. A dead artist's entire catalogue of work is complete and can't be added to or diluted by later pieces.
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Not a caption entry, just like to say how sad it is that you feel the need to tell people to "wash your eyes" after looking at the image. Is the older body so distasteful? I am actually impressed with him and the strength in his body. What on earth would you say about the average 69 year old's body?
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