Repairing a Railroad Track

This is described as a "complete thermite weld."  It's much more complicated than you might have anticipated.  You will know within the first minute or so whether or not you are fascinated by the technology, the tools, or even the workmen's accents.  There are also some cool fireproof "Donald Duck boots" near the end.  For those with an interest, Part 1 of the video is here.

YouTube link.

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I posted this article, and I'd like to clarify my passing comment regarding the workmen's accents.

I lived and worked in east-central Kentucky for ten years and married a young woman who was born in the Appalachian foothills. I would never make fun of my friends there, or my relatives who lived in eastern Tennessee. I find accents of all kinds fascinating, having been born in Minnesota and having lived in Massachusetts and in the heart of Texas.

I posted the video for the cool specialized tools and the complex workmanship of what one would have thought was a simple task; eavesdropping on the delightful conversation was in my view a bonus.
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@skip and cuimhne, the poster did not say the accents were funny or amusing. The word used was "fascinating."

And I agree with AF, I find accents cool.
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Skipweasel, you're absolutely, 1,000,000% correct. Thank you for articulating the reasons I was captivated by this video and watched ever second of it.
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"Do you really find accents different from your own that amusing?"

How could you not. Accents are phenomenally cool and being able to understand your language spoken in a way that sounds like a foreign one at times is something to marvel at. I love the much derided deep south accent. Low country South Carolina is probably my favorite. Other awesome accents (in English): rural Canadian, Cockney, the Pakistani guys I met in Henley-on-Thames in England who had dense British accents AND Pakistani accents, not easy to understand, and for whatever reason Northern Vietnamese accented English (I know a couple people in academics) sound awesome.
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What I liked was watching two people who clearly know exactly what they're doing and doing it well. The lack of prompts and the easy nature of taking a familiar job at a steady pace, each knowing that the other will just get on with the next step at the right moment. Pleasant.
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