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This story was posted on another blog I read (and it didn't devolve into an "all religions suck" argument). The basic issue I have is that the father was a non practising catholic who converted to judasim when he met and married his former wife. They agreed that any children would be raised jewish. It's only when they divorced that he suddenly "found" his religion. The fact that he invited a camera crew to come with him is pretty telling. It's not about religion, it's an ass screwing over his ex wife and blatantly ignoring a court order because he knows that as the religious majority he is going to get the sympathy in the mainstream US press. You can resume arguing over the religion issue now.
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And every time any kind of modern art is posted here, you get a stream of people saying how it's not art, how they could have done it themselves. Art is about intention and what you and I consider art may be different but it doesn't make the other's choice less art for them. John Carey said "A work of art is anything that anyone has ever considered a work of art, though it may be a work of art for only that one person".
And I don't think anyone could disagree with that sentiment.
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Let's not forget that girls are traditionally steered away from math and science at a young age. There's going to be a lot of anecdotal evidence to the contrary (or even supporting) this study but I think cola summed it up well above, this industry, like many, is often a "boys club" that women are steered away from and can be alienated in them. Either way this is a flawed study, and to take the conclusion that the poster has is an error that overlooks the other factors involved.
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Haha, a lot of people call the accent in some parts of Dublin "transatlantic" since it's a kind of neutral, not Irish, not American accent. People started speaking like that when they got a bit of money and now their kids speak like that as their normal accent, not as something they're putting on.
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On the other site I read this it was the biological mother who filed the complaint. It appears it was the biological father and another woman with whom the children were staying with that who did the tattooing.
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The one thing I really dislike is the search feature. I like to open multiple articles on my chosen search topic...but can't! Clicking back and forth, searching and's very annoying!

Also I don't use the tags at all, they rarely describe the content sufficiently, perhaps more tags would help?
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Tell me your "days" estimate is including modelling and rigging time?

As for it being tedious, it depends on how much you love it, I've forgotten to eat and sleep when I get really into a piece of animation, tweaking and fixing it. Most animators I know find the rigging and modelling to be kind of tedious because they can't wait to get animating. And the principles of animation should almost be coming second nature to you if you've been animating for long enough. If you had a very simple rig, you could have a very basic but solid walk (as in very little emotion) in less than an hour.

(I'm studying for my BA in animation at the moment)
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While the Irish for Dublin is indeed Baile Atha Cliath, there is still a very direct link with Dubh Linn as the English name is an anglicisation of the phrase. Dubh Linn was the name given to a pool that formed along the river Poddle (I think). So there was a place that was once called Dubh Linn from which the English name is taken. It is in modern Irish that we have Baile Atha Cliath (The Town Of The Hurdled Ford). There is an error in their map, but obviously "Blackpool" is alot more amusing than "The Town Of The Hurdled Ford".
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