How To Distinguish "Art" from "Trash"

YouTube link.

In the storage facilities of the Walker Art Center the process is facilitated by labeling the art as such:  "Do Not Open! Box Is Art."

One presumes that the trash is not labeled.

Via Artist Survival Skills.

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oh and one more thing, Picasso is not the biggest influence on art today, that would be Marcel Duchamp.
People, he radicalized art back in 1916!!!
His worked has been discussed and debated ever since.
Google him if you don't know the name.
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Mike O
You nailed it!!
I am the person in video and I have been working with artists and contemporary art for 20 years.
Art is not made to be "liked".
It is made to be absorbed, questioned
and ultimately define yourself as the viewer.
As with anything, your actions and reactions are the defintion of who you are.
I had no idea so many people would see this video.
At least I can say I have an interesting job and get paid for doing what I love. I make art, I work with art and I live with art. I think the more time you spend with it, the more you begin to understand and appreciate it. cheers
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The question is not whether or not it is art, the question is whether or not it is *good* art.

And since that is entirely subjective, you can argue till you're blue in the face and it won't change anything.
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If the art does not speak to you, do not yell back.

People dismissed Picasso near the turn of the century for similar reasons that you are dismissing these works here, and he has probably had the biggest influence on art since then.

Also, im sure that conceptual artists dont make art just to live as parasites off of society. There are much easier ways to do this, that would probably pay alot better also.

To appreciate this art or talk about it does not make you smug, it just shows that your open minded. To dismiss it (which is not the same as discussing why you don't like it..) just shows the opposite.
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