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I'm more interested to know why people get angry -- actually angry -- at the "X is superior, therefore Y is inferior" argument in this case. If you did a study that showed African-Americans or Hispanics were better at something, would these same people get outraged on behalf of the inferior whites and Asians?
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I think the "revolutionary" bit is that you don't look like a total dork while riding. :-P

Incidentally, while I would hop on one of these in a heartbeat, I wouldn't be able to keep it as my primary form of transportation. Where I live, it just isn't practical -- we have these things called "winter" and "thunderstorms." I don't care how green it is, I'm not riding an open vehicle in that kind of weather. It's just not pleasant (or safe!).
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I sent this to my sister. She's a student nurse who's been embroidering as a hobby for years.

Of course, my reaction is more "ew" than "ooh!", but that's why she's the nurse and not me.
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For some reason, I'm reminded of an article I read a while back about ex-hippies in San Fransisco who had grown up, gotten jobs and haircuts, bought houses and cars and started families. They were mad at the current Haight-Ashbury crowd for being a bunch of irresponsible hippies. I would have laughed if it wasn't so pathetic.
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I discovered Otterness when he did a multi-piece installation in downtown Indianapolis a few years ago, and I fell in love with him. He really captures the innocence of childhood without being all ironic or quirky/"whimsical" about it. The best one in Indy was a sculpture called, I think, "Mad Mom" of a frowning woman with her hands on her hips. They put it in front of the statehouse, which I think was appropriate. :-P
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Big Johnson has the best take on it, I think, along with everyone who noted (correctly) that Texas would want to be its own country. Plus, compare and contrast with the article above this one about drug lords south of the border. Mexico controlling US states? It is to laugh.

My question is what happens to states like Indiana? We sit in the middle and we don't bother anyone, so what happens when everything around us goes pear-shaped? There's a lot of folks here who would just head for the back country (or for Texas), but the more urban areas would be left hanging. It's an interesting thought exercise, if nothing else.
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I can think of one major advantage (and it's the same as with the Wii, like Christophe said): You're up and actually moving instead of just sitting like a lump and wiggling your fingers all day.

Plus the organization appears to be more intuitive, like having all your papers and files out in front of you and in open, labeled drawers instead of having to tell someone to go in the other room and fetch the fourth paper in drawer seven, file five (or whatever) whenever you want to see a picture or open a document.
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My mom read the entire series out loud to my sisters and me when we were kids, and I have to say I was never that impressed with the TV show. If they couldn't bother to give Pa a beard, what else were they cutting corners on?
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If the animal is already dead and you're not actively desecrating it, what's the problem? If it weren't for dissection, we'd still think our veins carried air instead of blood. I wonder what she thinks of human dissection by medical students? Or abortion? Or euthanasia? Or life-saving vaccines and cures for third-world scourges found through animal testing? The list goes on.
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