Little House on the Prairie: For Adults Only?

The DVD release of the TV series Little House on the Prairie will be flagged "for adults only" in Finland! Universal Pictures did not want to pay for the Finnish government to inspect each episode to see if they are suitable for children.
Finnish authorities charge 2 euros ($2.57) per minute for assessing the correct age limit on films and television series. Distributors who forego this can only sell their shows with a sticker saying "Banned for under-18s."

"Long series can get quite expensive to check, and some use this exemption in the law to their advantage," said Matti Paloheimo, Director at the Finnish Board of Film Classification.

"Such unchecked material should not be shown to children publicly," he added

Although I loved the books as a child, I think someone would have to pay me, too, to watch all the TV shows. Link -Thanks, CheeseDuck!

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My mom read the entire series out loud to my sisters and me when we were kids, and I have to say I was never that impressed with the TV show. If they couldn't bother to give Pa a beard, what else were they cutting corners on?
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Greetings from Finland! Everyone is truly embarrassed about this, us being the laughing stock of the whole world right now. The government official film inspectors office is an old-fashioned institute that embraces bureaucracy over common sense.

If the maker of Teletubbies wanted to save some money and wouldn't pay for official inspection, it would be "adults only", too.

For many years there have been discussion about whether we should shut down the entire office, because it's useless and expensive. This stupid little incident made finally the government officials to join this conversation and maybe it finally happens.
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You know, it's funny - it was just a couple of weeks ago that I found the series posted online and had a huge little house on the prairie marathon over the course of a few days.

I feel confident in saying that every episode is chock full of family-safe, god fearin' goodness.
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