"Faulty" Genes Make Jews Smarter, Said Scientists

Gregory Cochran, physicist and professor of anthropology at the University of Utah, was puzzled at the unusually high prevalence of deadly genetic disorders in European Jews. Shouldn't natural selection flush these dangerous genes from the gene pool or at least not make 'em appear in such high frequency in that population?

Then one morning, Cochran came upon his solution - and with the help of population geneticist Henry Harpending, he immediately touched off a charged debate in the scientific community: some genes make Jews smarter.

Cochran, 55, and Harpending, 65, say there's no question that as a whole, Ashkenazi Jews -- those of European descent -- have an abundance of brain power. (Neither man is Jewish.)

Psychologists and educational researchers have pegged their average IQ at 107.5 to 115. That's only modestly higher than the overall European average of 100, but the gap is large enough to produce a huge difference in the proportion of geniuses. When a group's average IQ is 100, the percentage of people above 140 is 0.4%; when the average is 110, the genius rate is 2.3%.

Though Jews make up less than 3% of the U.S. population, they have won more than 25% of the Nobel Prizes awarded to American scientists since 1950, account for 20% of this country's chief executives and make up 22% of Ivy League students, the pair write.

"People are perfectly willing to admit that some people are taller or some people are shorter," Cochran said. "But no one wants to say 'This group is smarter.' "

That, said another scientist, is the rub:

"What are their theories about those on the opposite end of the spectrum?" asked Neil Risch, director of the Institute for Human Genetics at UC San Francisco, who finds the matter so offensive he can barely discuss it without raising his voice. "Do they have genetic theories about why Latinos and African Americans perform worse academically?"

Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times has the rest of the story: Link

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Greeks and Armenians are the smartest people in the whole world as well as the richest apparently they lack in great numbers as well as in neighborhood.Jews are NOT smart they just put them a lot of pressure and work all together taht they have been expelled from so many countries is not a sign of intelligence to me at all.
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What a load of complete and utterly contrived bullshit.

Same things are said as every jew does.

"We invented everything."

Yeah. Uhhhh........ No.

No. You didn't.

Why do Jews lie so much? If you were so smart... why have you been kick out of countries over 300times? Thats not exactly a sign of intelligence. It is a sign however or criminality.

This type of egotistical falsehood is found in criminal ALL the time. Criminals always think they're 'so smart' until they're sitting behind bars.

And like the previous commentator wrote. Wheres the beef? I would equate this piece to a highschool misfit lieing about himself to get attention from the other kids. Only to be reject as a total fraud.
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September 7th, 2009 at 3:51 am wrote:
I am so sick of this BULLSHIT propaganda. Its nothing but lies meant to wax the kike ego. Lies distorting the truth to their own ends.

The fact of the matter is this, jews are not really that intelligent at all, in fact they are genetic throw backs from a more savage time. Nothing but a bunch of superstitious ......"

hey THE WHITE MAN,the more i know about my jewish partners,the more I feel your opinion is goddamn true.
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I am so sick of this BULLSHIT propaganda. Its nothing but lies meant to wax the kike ego. Lies distorting the truth to their own ends.

The fact of the matter is this, jews are not really that intelligent at all, in fact they are genetic throw backs from a more savage time. Nothing but a bunch of superstitious pseudo intellectual pathological liars with behavioral problems. Who steal the works of other men & claim them as their own successes.

They constantly spout this nonsense, pushing it into everything. Its basically like a retarded kid in the classroom screaming at the top of their lungs about how great they are while throwing shit at other students & making messes.

Seriously though, this mafia of backwards thugs has got to go. They infect every aspect of American society with their culture and are busily bringing us to our knees eroding away the work of our fathers in an attempt to garner our wealth to line their pockets, through thievery. Hell, they already have our gold locked away behind vaults in the shitty little country of israhell. They force themselves into other mens houses to rob & plunder. Then when they are caught red handed, their cronies simply let them slip through the hands of justice.

Its time to put these khazars & semites in their places.

The lies must stop!


With the jewish serpents strangle hold forced upon American halls of learning, they took over in the 1930's. They control the curriculum, they are responsible for forcing desegregation upon our children. Making them, I myself wade through their corrupt system, where white children are demoralized by hordes of subhuman garbage. Their minds are turned to rot so jews can be happy. Well if one of us must suffer then let it be the loathsome jew. I for one have had enough.

When a jew talks down to a white, he must be beaten senseless. The jew is not the master.

I am sick and tired of seeing the limelight stolen from worthy white souls, who deserve recognition for their great works, by greedy tyrranical jews.

Look around you, who is pushing to censor the internet, the fucking jews. Who pushes for the erosion of America, the fucking jews, while at the same time hypocritically pushing for segregation of their own society, the nasty jews.

Let me tell you darky scum what shall happen...

WE WHITES ARE GOING TO THE STARS, HUMANITY SHALL BECOME A SPACE TRAVELING RACE. WE SHALL ESTABLISH COLONIES THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS. YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US, BUT YOU SHALL NOT DICTATE THE TERMS. THE JEW IS NOT THE BOSS. GET IT THROUGH YOUR COMPROMISED FRONTAL LOBES YOU BUNCH OF primitive neurotic schizophrenics, who still practice barbaric unhealthy child mutilation ceremonies, designed once more to wax the pathetic jewish ego. I am referring to the butchering of male children, by savagely cutting away the perfectly natural foreskin of the penis then sucking the wound they created on the penis. That is what they do for fucks sake its the truth, they cut the foreskin off, then claim its for sanitary reasons, its not its just a bizarre cultural practice of these damn jews. They have tricked the American people & hijacked the evolution of our white nation to their own ends. They are steering our devolution toward a new dark age, they must be stopped. No longer can our European heritage be mocked by these creatures. They must be taught that it is not their place to dictate unto us, that they are not in charge of our destiny.

Jews are like HOBGOBLINS only far more annoying & useless.

white pride, power, and dominion world wide!
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