Teen Changed Her Name to Cutout Dissection.com

A 19-year-old teen formerly known as Jennifer Thornburg has legally changed her name to Cutout Dissection.com to protest animal dissection assignments in school:

Cutout, now a vegan, said that after she finished the assignment the images of bone and skin stuck with her. "I remembered what I saw during the dissection and I thought, 'this is wrong.' "

Those images are what compelled her to stand up for a change -- a name change. Jennifer Thornburg is now Cutout Dissection.com, as even her driver's license notes. [...]

No matter her steadfastness in sticking to principles, this newsmaker raises the question: What do Mom and Dad think?

Cutout said that her father's initial reaction was shock, but he recently said how proud he was of her for standing up for what she believes in.

Link | Story at PETA | Oh, and yes, CutoutDissection.com

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I'm strongly against dissection.I'm not relegious.Its that I would gag if I open a animal and I strongly love animals and would hate to atfer-kill them.hehe.I would even cry when I see it on computer.
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Did she also consider "will never get laid.com" or "who needs friends.com". Well atleast she is young. Not like she has her name on auto loans, mortgages or credit cards or investments...that would be a royal pain.
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So, I went to cutoutdissection.com and followed a link for kindergarteners through 6th graders on the petakids website (http://www.petakids.com/disindex.html). Essentially it was a starter kit on how to sue your school on the grounds that you won't dissect an animal for moral or religious reasons (oh, it even says you don't have to have any moral or religious reasons why you won't do it, you just have to tell the teacher/principal that). Hurray for PETA for completely exploiting children for their cause.
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