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My mother used to tell me that she had eyes in the back of her head. The thing is, she could back that up and was always able to tell how many fingers I was holding up.

I'd investigate her head at length, looking for these "eyes". Every so often she'd screech and tell me I had poked her in the eye.

I eventually forgot about it all, and it wasn't until the family was reminiscing about these times at Christmas one year (as adults) that she finally confessed that she could see everything I did through a reflection in her glasses.
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This was a pretty misleading link. Most of the images were highly sexualized representations of women and not at all SFW. I don't know if the list of images went on to display full exposure, as I finally stopped after seeing the one where a naked woman was holding a weird little monster man with a giant cock outline.

Not cool, Alex.
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What about people who buy pets and keep them? They've banned EVERYONE in the name of controlling a portion of the population.

Such a concept never goes over with americans, I've noticed. I doubt this piece of legislation will go through.

I would like to see a compromise though.
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It's only 40k, fish. If you can't hold it 30 minutes or remember to gas up before hand... well, I have nothing to say, so I'll just mock you silently. ;)
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There's a large part of me that has always wanted to use reusable pads, but I just can't make myself add the chore of washing them into my routine. Not even if they're cute.
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Cursive itself isn't a necessity in a life without electronics. Cursive is about style and formality, which is now conveyed in type. Cursive has essentially been replaced with a new technology.

As long as everyone has an understanding of the basics - in this case, block printing, then life should be allowed to carry on.

It's little different than loosing the art of calligraphy. There will always be a sufficient number of experts who wish to carry on an old style.
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Oh people care. This is a common theme amongst artists. It's interesting to see the different ways each artist chooses to go about it. I also feel it's heavily influenced by an artists' mental state, which tends to be quite jumbled. It's like a physical exercise in attempting to order their lives. To compartmentalize their stress.

Or so goes my theory.
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I admit I dislike picking up the poop. It's warm and feels gross through the bag. However, I attempted to hold a bag open under him once. Didn't go so well.

I no longer complain about picking up the poop.
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Well it's easy enough to permanently mark the cucumbers somehow in the future if such security is of interest to the farmer, but the real problem here is how to track this year's crop, or the portion that has gone out already.

I'm sure the structure of the cucumbers could be examined, and different markers exclusive to their home patch could be identified, but frankly, who's going to spend that kind of money for testing.

No doubt, everyone knows everyone in the local pickle industry. Eventually, some stranger is going to show up with a big crop of cucumbers (or pickles) to sell and it's going to tip off the others. Police can come in ask for the paper trail and hopefully pin them down that way.

Unless the crooks are about to make a bunch of salad or relish...
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Someone did the math from the current available nutritional information (this sandwich is currently just "testing" in certain parts of america, and is apparently doing quite well)

Anyway, it comes out to 858 calories and 62.4 grams of fat

I wouldn't be surprised if that's a conservative calculation though. Judging by the picture, they've made the batter thicker to hold it all together better.

From a purely logistical point of view, that sucker must be a mess to eat and hot as hell on the fingers.
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I'm finding it hard to take this seriously without a link to the original study. One could base an entire thesis and then some around the subject, but all we have are newspaper articles written by laymen.

Why I want to take this so seriously is unknown. Perhaps because I'm an advocate for canines.
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