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Neatorama kindly gives us the right to blow steam when we see something we don't like on here. Alex is the controversial writer (if it could be called that, considering how tame neatorama generally prefers to stay), and every so often something is going to get churned up.

It's not the first time Alex has nudged the line, wont be the last either. Yay for free countries! *hand-shaking all around*
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Oh, I think I just invented something that'd go like crazy at dollar stores. Everyone burn your eyeballs after reading my million dollar idea please.
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Could accomplish the same thing with a plastic mesh form - and it'd be safe in the washer. They make them for washing ball caps. Same concept would work with a bra.
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Movie camera of some kind I think. Military recon, presumably. If it is, it's WWII I think. Uses the same paint and construction styles as other junk from that time.
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Even if it's another 100 years before they can finally clone a dinosaur, someone is STILL going to bring up the subject of Jurassic Park as a deterrent.

Also, presumably these dudes are going to put some effort into preserving currently endangered populations.
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