Sumo Wrestler Accused of Being Too "Podgy"

Every sport has its bad boy (I'm looking at you, Ron Artest), but sumo bad boy Asashoryu Akinori is special.

After a string of bad behaviors including a brawl in a communal bath, being drunk in public and so on, the sumo champ is being accused of ... being "podgy"!

Sumo bad boy Asashoryu, no stranger to public criticism, has been labelled "podgy" in a bizarre attack on the volatile Mongolian.

A popular former wrestler now working as a TV commentator accused Asashoryu of being flabby, even though his 150-kilogram frame is relatively small for the sport.

"He looks podgy," Shuhei Mainoumi told Japanese media. "He doesn't look as buff. When I got flabby I hated being naked and showing off my body -- he looks a bit like that."

Um, maybe this is my naiveté but I thought being podgy is the whole point of sumo wrestling? Link

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The enormous guts are a byproduct of the enormous amounts of food you have to eat day to day to grow the kind of muscles those guys have. The wrestlers of the occident usually aren't super-trim neither, though they tend not to grow to such proportions (possibly they would if we didn't have weight classes in our leagues)
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Well the point of Sumo is to win by forcing your opponent to the floor or out of the ring; you get no points for being the chubbiest. But generally no, sumo wrestlers aren't *just* fat; underneath the fat, which is used as a tactical advantage, there is generally someone built like Chiyonofuji. I certainly wouldn't wish to call him fat to his face, even now.
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Sumo wrestlers are in fact both mountains of muscle and bit fatties. It is the latter OVER the former.

It's the training and the diet that result in this dichotomy.

Fashions come and go in Sumo. Once it was the simply enormous who were preferred and then the very cut looking wrestlers found preference.

The Typhoon was a really big guy but not a fat guy. In fact it was his trouncing of both the Dump Truck and the Sea Slug that showed the weakness of the simply vast sumo, once they were moving they couldn't stop themselves.
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Somehow I think it's hard to please everyone - especially after you gain a bad reputation for yourself. Even after you've moved on from the previous mistake, there will be others who will somehow pick on something, no matter how small it may be.
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