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Terry, perhaps it could be an under-suit of sorts and another insulating layer can go on top. Bulkier yes, but still hands down better then the old suit.

One would think though, that a group of nerds at MIT would think of insulation. Perhaps we aren't getting the full story. Researching this on our own would probably be enlightening.

Goes against my lazy nature though.
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trick photography was *very* popular back then. A portion of the carriage is transparent where it shouldn't be. I put my bet on trick photography rather then a float.
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THAT, is a big deal. I mean whoohoo, a zebra subspecies, but that's no the point. It's humans attempting to bring back something that is extinct. That's the hugeness of this news.
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This has been going on for YEARS. (though for the same reason, is up for debate/confirmation?)

When gmail first came out, I was quickly gratified to see that my emails weren't disappearing and told a load of people. No doubt others did similar which may have in part contributed to it's initial run-away success.
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It's late at night and I'm feeling picky, but I'd like to put forth the idea that images of people in normal day to day dress for their culture do not infact count as "NSFW" no matter how much nudity may be involved. NSFW suggests something innapropriate when there's nothing innaproriate about the photos at all.

If that had been the case, then National Geographic would have arrived in our parents' mailboxes in a brown wrapper and would never have seen the light of day outside their bedroom.
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