Sleek and Sexy Spacesuit from MIT

Say goodbye to those bulky, unattractive astronaut spacesuit and say hello to MIT professor of aeronautics and engineering systems Dava Newman's sleek and sexy form-fitting spacesuit!

Newman's prototype suit is a revolutionary departure from the traditional model. Instead of using gas pressurization, which exerts a force on the astronaut's body to protect it from the vacuum of space, the suit relies on mechanical counter-pressure, which involves wrapping tight layers of material around the body. The trick is to make a suit that is skintight but stretches with the body, allowing freedom of movement.

Over the past 40 years, spacesuits have gotten progressively heavier, and they now weigh in at about 300 pounds. That bulk -- much of which is due to multiple layers and the life support system coupled with the gas-pressurization -- severely constrains astronauts' movements. About 70 to 80 percent of the energy they exert while wearing the suit goes towards simply working against the suit to bend it.


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Terry, perhaps it could be an under-suit of sorts and another insulating layer can go on top. Bulkier yes, but still hands down better then the old suit.

One would think though, that a group of nerds at MIT would think of insulation. Perhaps we aren't getting the full story. Researching this on our own would probably be enlightening.

Goes against my lazy nature though.
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Doesn't look like it would provide sufficient insulation against either the heat or the cold. Was anyone who has worked in the field involved in the design?
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