Scientists Clone Extinct Animal

The Pyrenean ibex, a form of mountain goat, was deemed extinct in 2000. Using tissue recovered from its body, however, scientists were able to successfully clone this creature. Although the cloned ibex died shortly after birth due to physical defects, the event is considered a breakthrough in cloning and has raised hopes for cloning of other extinct species, such as the mammoth, and possibly even dinosaurs!

"I think this is an exciting advance as it does show the potential of being able to regenerate extinct species.

"Clearly there is some way to go before it can be used effectively, but the advances in this field are such that we will see more and more solutions to the problems faced."


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by gabbierose.

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another obvious flaw is: what happens when something goes wrong? something always goes wrong, nothing is ever perfect, there is always one mistake, one flaw, one problem. it could kill us
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Most of these animals wouldn't be extinct if it was not for the negligence of the human race. We killed off many species. Dinosaurs were obliterated from the phase of the earth, so I agree they died for a reason. Cloning is wrong but when you see what caused these animals to go extinct, it doesn't seem that bad to do what is right by bringing extinct species back to life. It's not bringing extinct species that are a problem it's what caused them to go extinct that is.

As for people who are with "we should not play God"
Well, God sure likes to play with us so I guess we can go even with God. There's so many flaws in the Human race, in a race created by GOD. He tempted his own creation. So where's the logic in your beliefs?
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Cloning is wrong, people dont understand anything about mother nature anymore. If they're suppose to be extinct, then THERE is a reason why. We may not know why, but there is a reason behinf EVERYTHING! I dont like it when an animal get extinct, either. Hasnt ANYONE seen the movie jarassic park? If we cloned these animals(or reptiles*dinsaurs*)they wouldnt be the same. They would LOOK the same but wouldnt ACT the same. So whats the point? Letting them be in the freak show and people "oohing" and "ahhhing" at them? Those animals would go insane! I'm telling you, 'havoc will reach across the world, Terror in everyones heart, souls that shall have no rest. This will happen because of cloning. The first man who will clone a human, will be the first to pay.'. A qoute from Starrydawn. It will come true!
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It represents a breakthrough? Didn't it still die from birth defects. A breakthrough would be making a T-Rex or anything that lived. Things are extinct for a reason.
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