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The problem for the Big Three is that that can't move with the times. They're the sort of company that lobbied against the metric system because they didn't want to have to re-tool. They lobbied to push back emission standards in California saying that they couldn't meet by 2011 the standards that Japanese and European manufactures are meeting now.

They act like the US is the only country that matters, and chose the path of least resistance. This why their sales outside the US are so low. And now as the economy crumbles, they don't have the international revenue streams to support them.

That's not to say that the other companies aren't facing hard times, but at least for them, they are able to adapt to the new environment, and are planning for a future beyond it.

I really love what Toyota are doing in the US:

I used to be a Ford fan, but those days are becoming few and far between.
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@Aea: Those 'silly actions' can't be done by a single camera- that was entirely the point.

Bullet time isn't about stopping the action, but separating the camera's movement in space from its movement through time, allowing you to move through the scene independently of the scene's timeline.

With bullet time the scene could only have one timeline. Here however, the actors could each have their own timeline within the scene; some moving forward, some back, and some looping, which is much harder to accomplish. Hence the ad is to say 'we can do it'.

As for the ad itself, it came off to me as being to 'gimmicky', too much of a tech demo. I would have preferred to have seen something more cohesive, like as a real world scene with the different elements moving back and forth through it.
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@ericbarbour: I've pulled a few FDDs apart, and they don't use a voice coil. because of the small slot, the head moves in a straight line, using a motor and a worm gear (which is part of the reason they are so slow).

If you listen to 'Nude' again ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmfHHLfbjNQ )you'll hear that this sounds more like the printer or the scanner (both of which use stepper motors) than the HDD array.
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