Bullet Time 2.0 by Toshiba

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Using 200 Toshiba Gigashot cameras this advertisement called "Timesculpture" for Toshiba advances the Bullet Time method we all remember from the movie The Matrix. However, this was created not by combining static images compiled together...no sir ree, Bob!!

This was filmed and produced using looped video clips digitally stitched together to work seamlessly to create a really cool looking ad. The ad itself is fun to watch but the real meat of this story comes from the clip that details how they made it. What floored me was the amount of data collected to produce this ad...20,000 gigabytes! And the time it took to process this plethora of data? Four weeks. Four weeks! @_@

And here is the making of the ad "Timesculpture".

[YouTube - Link]

via - Gizmodo

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It would possibly have been interesting if it werent trying to sell "something" (however ambiguous that 'something' may have been). If it had been a purely artistic endeavor it would have garnered my respect.
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o.k - it's the hoop camera from the '70's combined with muybridge! i think my ire was rather that the ad industry consistently sets itself up as the vanguard of creativity (i blame the bolivian marching powder - and i know that's a cliché, but it's also true). a recent example: the honda 'cog' car ad 'borrowing' from 'fischli and Weiss's 'the way things go' springs to mind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U82eWptFxSs).
don't get me wrong - there's a lot of creativity in advertising. but there's a lot of convenient myopia as well.
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@Aea: Those 'silly actions' can't be done by a single camera- that was entirely the point.

Bullet time isn't about stopping the action, but separating the camera's movement in space from its movement through time, allowing you to move through the scene independently of the scene's timeline.

With bullet time the scene could only have one timeline. Here however, the actors could each have their own timeline within the scene; some moving forward, some back, and some looping, which is much harder to accomplish. Hence the ad is to say 'we can do it'.

As for the ad itself, it came off to me as being to 'gimmicky', too much of a tech demo. I would have preferred to have seen something more cohesive, like as a real world scene with the different elements moving back and forth through it.
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