Zero Dollar Bill by Brian Romero

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Inspired by the soaring price of oil and the continued devaluation of the dollar, artist Brian Romero designed the bill for the increasingly-worthless dollar: the Zero Dollar Bill!

If you look at the bigger version, you'll pick out some nice little details, like the signatures... Link - via Drawn!

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Egad, not the conspiracy theory that the fed is a private business again. The federal reserve is not a private corporation. It's semi-public, semi-private institution, with completely public government components (the Board of Governors, which acts independently from Congress and the Executive to ensure the lack of political pressure and influence), partly public/partly private aspects (the reserve banks, which are "owned" by the banks in the reserve district), and wholly private sections (the actual banks everyone deals with every day). The federal reserve banks issue stock, but it's not something you can buy on any market. It's non-transferable and owned by the banks in the reserve bank's district. It pays a dividend set by federal law, which is meant to offset the money that banks are required to keep in reserve in the reserve banks, which earn no interest.

The federal reserve system is a lot more open and transparent than many central banking systems around the world.
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Yup, and each and every President since Wilson has been complicit in it. Fiat based is going to be what sinks this nation when it inevitably collapses, which is what happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it is instituted.

Buy gold, buy silver if you want to avoid inflation (now roaring at more than 16% in real terms). It's especially good for when the currency collapses.
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A zero dollar bill is ironic, because Federal Reserve Notes are created from nothing. I am not talking about the physical paper dollars printed by the Dept. of the Treasury.

I am talking about the private corporation (it is NOT a part of our government) which creates money for its member banks to loan, entirely out of nothing. The only thing which backs the US Dollar is the debt which created it; and there can never be enough dollars to pay back that debt since they are only created when they are loaned out with interest.
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Northley, Bush isn't on the bill since he's just a puppet. I'm more interested in those who pull the strings. Porky is in there for his famous "That's All Folks" pose.

Justin, the big, bad, evil corporation thing is getting tiresome... I'm tired of them running amok! Do a little research into the Federal Reserve, international banking cartels and special interests in American politics and you'll see that they're dangerous to our way of life.
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