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I've never seen one of these before, but now I want one for my collection of strange, beautiful things.

What happens to all those metal shavings? Do they get tossed in the trash or recycled?
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I've seen the paw-shaped door chime in stores, and I had two friends that both taught their dogs how to use it, and one friend that taught her cat. Trust me, if it lets the animal in the house faster, they'll learn to use it.
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I encourage my friends to get pets at a shelter, but this scenario does pop up.
Friend: Hello, shelter clerk! Do you have any guinea pigs?
Clerk: This one.
Guinea pig: SNARL.
Friend: Wow, he's...vicious.
Clerk: That's why they gave him up.
Friend: Any others?
Clerk: Nope, just this one.
Friend: *Goes to pet store, finds a friendly guinea pig*
This has happened with kittens and dogs as well. Sometimes animals are in shelters for a good reason.
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I nearly drowned while surrounded by adults when I was about eight years old, in only six feet of water. Someone grabbed me and hauled me out because I was "too small for the deep end", not because he thought I was drowning. Thanks for linking the article.
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