Stormy Weather

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This brief CCTV footage taken inside a Pacific Sun cruise ship during stormy weather seems humorous at the beginning, but ultimately serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can be encountered in such situations.

Another video documents equally frightening events on the ship's lower cargo deck.  This article reports that the injuries received by the passengers "included broken ribs and limbs, a fractured pelvis, a broken collar bone, and cuts and gashes."  In compensation, the cruise line "was offering passengers 25 per cent off the price of any future cruise they took."

Via Reddit.

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At least they could have anchored that one shelf - it looked bigger than a piano.

That was quite the face plant that one woman did. "Here's a discount on your next cruise. Missing some teeth? Have a coupon for 10 free minutes in the spa."
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Perhaps they should offer a cruise that has all decks padded, all furniture soft, etc. then sail it in rough seas allla time! Adrenal Cruise Lines.
The Drake Passage & Cape of Good Hope Adventure!!

@Rachel of Cyberia-That's a boatload of disembodied spirits!
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Since sailing as a mate on ships this size is what I do for a living, I just find this funny, simply because most of the time cruise ships just don't hit seas like this and when they do they are built to be much more stable (usually extra wing ballast tanks and stabilizers) than cargo ships like the ones I sail on. On all of the cargo ships I have sailed on almost everything including furniture has a way of being anchored down, but cruise ships don't do that because the expense of doing that as well as lack of aesthetics for the customers. There are many other reasons cruise companies don't anchor things like furniture, but it is unfortunate to see in this situation when a ship did hit big seas, and no it doesn't take a rogue wave to do this, just heavy seas hitting the ship in the right place.
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