The Period Piece by Lani Beloso

When artists talk about period piece, they usually mean work set in a particular era. But when Hawaii-based artist Lani Beloso titled her art series The Period Piece, she was being very literal:

As a long sufferer of dysmenorrhea, the artist often remarked that it was astonishing that she did not bleed to death each month. Curious to the amount of blood that actually came out of her, she set out to sit over a canvas for the entire period. The first piece in the series is that first attempt in which she sat over a canvas for 12 hours. Now, she collects the entire product and then utilizes it within each piece. Each piece reflects the mood, location, feeling and setting of each ones creation.

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It disturbs me that most of the comments to this article are "horrifically gross" and "vile" and insinuate that the woman is mentally disturbed (since when did menstrual blood become so absolutely horrifically disgusting that anyone who touched it, or tried to see something positive in it, must be "mentally ill"?)

In the end menstrual blood IS just blood, and blood is just red liquid, and red liquid is just paint. Our culture has such a strong stigma and taboo against menstruation that we can barely even talk about it (particularly in front of men).

This woman has inspired me to do a canvas painting of my own with menstrual blood (and then coat it with resin or something). There will be no way anyone who sees it (other than me) will know that it was menstrual blood and not paint, so should it even matter once the final product is completed? If I have to go through as much pain as I do each month, at least I will have done something productive with it.

I don't consider my menstrual blood gross at all (it IS just blood). Women and girls have to deal with it every month, so it would sure help us if our society wasn't like, "Eww!! Gross!!" at the mere sight of it.
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